• Oakley Windjacket 2.0

    Oakley Windjacket 2.0

    The inspiration of the Windjacket 2.0 design can be found in the earlier Eyeshades series. This new design combines the best of both purpose and style. Built to withstand all of the performance standards of being on the mountain, this eyewear also feels at home in the apres ski scene ot other off-mountain activites.

    A Triple-layer foam provides extra wind protection. The Windjacket 2.0 with Prizm lens is your perfect partner!

    With the new Prizm lenses available for this great model you can even use this pair of glasses for mountainbiking and cycling. It’s a great pair of glasses to stand out from the crowd. A nice retro look with ultra modern contrast enhancing lenses. #RideWithStyle

  • Included


    • Oakley Windjacket 2.0 Goggle

    • Interchangeble sweat blocker
    • Oakley HDO lens
    • Microfiber bag

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Windjacket 2.0


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