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    Oakley Radar EV XS

    The Oakley Radar EV XS is identical to its big brother, the Radar EV, but as the name suggests: one size smaller.

    This model is one of the few high quality sports glasses designed specifically for small faces. The Oakley design team had the fanatic young athletes in mind. At Optiek Van Gorp, we have noticed more and more youngsters find their way to a range of sports.

    Because of the diversity of these glasses they can be used for a variety of different sports. Cycling, cyclocross, running, baseball,… Don’t seek any longer for the perfect sports frame for your children.

    Obviously these glasses are not only a fit for youngsters, but also for men and women with a narrow face. The frame is an exact copy of the Oakley Radar EV in a smaller size, so surely not for kids only.

    These Radar EV XS are the perfect pair of sports glasses for everyone with a narrow face.

  • Included


    • Oakley Radar EV XS sports glasses
    • Oakley HDO lens
    • Oakley Vault Hard Case
    • Microfiber bag
    • Extra nosepiece






Radar EV