• Product description

    Rudy Project Rydon

    This Rudy Project is one of the best students of the Sports Eyewear class.
    Rudy Project is best known for it’s ImpactX lenses with great optical qualities!

    The Rydon is a real versatile, multipurpose piece of sports eyewear. It can be used in nearly every sport.
    A few of the best features this frame has to offer:

    • Possible to change glasses
    • Adjustable nosepiece
    • Anti-slip padding
    • Patented ImpactX lenses
    • Optical Clarity
    • Extreme light
  • This package includes

    This package includes:

    • Rudy Project Rydon sports glasses
    • ImpactX mirrored lenses
    • Hardcase
    • Microfiber bag

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