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Looking for a professional pair of glasses for E-sports? At Van Gorp Optics we offer special types of Oakley eyewear to enhance your preformance while gaming. Contrast enhancing eyewear using Oakleys Prizm Gaming technology will make the difference in upping your preformance, that’s for sure.

Prizm™ Gaming Lens Technology

Next level gaming

The unique Prizm Gaming lenses are designed to protect your eyes. Better and easier to focus and boosting contrast. The result is mind-blowing. It’s much more than the regular blueblock lenses around, it’s a virtual world that opens in front of you.


Up your game experience by using the power of PRIZM™ GAMING spectacle lenses. The Prizm Gaming technology is available with or without prescription. It combines contrast enhancing technologies with an high intensity blue light filter.

Prizm – Designed to enhance color contrast
Razor sharp vision
Blue light technology – reduction of 40% betweeen 380 and 500 nm

Play and live

Although these spectacle lenses are ideal for gamers, these lenses can be used by average Joe as well. If you’re looking for extra protection and comfort for longer exposure to electronic screens. Working from your home office or just spend a lot of time on your phone or computer? This lens will help offer a better digital experience with more comfort for longer.

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Headset compatible

Oakley is known for designing sports frames meeting the highest standards from world class athletes.
The specific Oakley Gaming style frames are designed in a way they are headset compatible. Done with irritation around your ears or temples or loss of sound quality. All your senses are stimulated.

All headset compatible styles


Are you in the need of prescription lenses? Provide us with your most ideal prescription or stop by for an eyetest. Almost every person can benifit from prescription lenses. Often some hidden refractive errors can be found in one or both eyes.
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